Our Cohesion and Transformation Programme endeavours to promote a culture of peace and cohesion through conflict transformation and peace building.  We address root causes of conflicts, past and present grievances and engage all parties in order to restore relationships, stability and justice.  We collaborate with communities, government and non-government actors to ensure a comprehensive approach to conflict resolution.

Our long term Goal is A Peaceful Society that values cohesion and integrations

Our focus areas at the moment include:

  • Addressing in a comprehensive and inclusive manner the killing of older people in Kwale and Kilifi counties on suspicion of practicing witchcraft. We have run a sensitization campaign dubbed 'Mvi si Uchawi, Uzee ni Hekima' (Grey hair/old age is a sign of wisdom not witchcraft), since 2014 and seen a significant reduction in killings in many areas.
  • Building the capacity of rural women in peace building skills including mediation skills to address emerging conflicts and to be change agents at the grassroots level


  • Building the resilience of vulnerable youth groups including boda-boda operators across the Coast region to resist manipulation and to equip them with active non-violent skills.