We spend many of our waking hours and adult lives at work. Many factors influence the mental health of employees at the office. Workplace issues including poor communication, management practices, limited participation in decision-making, long or inflexible working hours and lack of team cohesion may cause a significant tumble in the wellbeing of employees at the expense of their mental health. Working environments where rapid, life-saving decisions need to be made, or where staff are frontline workers handling cases of traumatized victims come with their own psychological and emotional challenges.

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Challenging perceptions: Bodaboda are known to be violent and disorganised!

Since 2015, Haki Yetu Organization (Haki Yetu) has been promoting and facilitating the use of the Active Non-Violence (ANV) approach to hold leaders accountable without loss of life and destruction of property. ANV seeks to build friendship and understanding and leads to redemption and reconciliation.

In April 2022, Haki Yetu organization conducted a two-day ANV training for the bodaboda leadership of Nyali Sub-County with the theme #Kataakutumiwa (Swahili for “Refuse to be manipulated”). This was followed by a dialogue between security actors and bodaboda members to overcome common issues and foster mutual understanding which ultimately resulted in local drivers forming a new group called the Kadzandani (a neighbourhood in Nyali) group. This group then conducted community outreaches to make it clear that they are refusing to be manipulated in the future.

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