Challenging perceptions: Bodaboda are known to be violent and disorganised!

Since 2015, Haki Yetu Organization (Haki Yetu) has been promoting and facilitating the use of the Active Non-Violence (ANV) approach to hold leaders accountable without loss of life and destruction of property. ANV seeks to build friendship and understanding and leads to redemption and reconciliation.

In April 2022, Haki Yetu organization conducted a two-day ANV training for the bodaboda leadership of Nyali Sub-County with the theme #Kataakutumiwa (Swahili for “Refuse to be manipulated”). This was followed by a dialogue between security actors and bodaboda members to overcome common issues and foster mutual understanding which ultimately resulted in local drivers forming a new group called the Kadzandani (a neighbourhood in Nyali) group. This group then conducted community outreaches to make it clear that they are refusing to be manipulated in the future.

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Haki Yetu Org Officer Warda Nzighe and the organisation’s Peace Ambassador in Malindi Francis Katana at the grave of Kesi Kenga Salehe in Kavunyalalo Village, Malindi Sub-County in Kilifi. Mr Salehe was killed in December 2021 by a mob who accused him of bewitching his two brothers who had earlier died out of road accident and Covid-19 respectively. /Photo Courtesy of Haki Yetu Org.

Commemorating World Elderly Abuse Awareness Day

Haki Yetu Organisation is joining the world in commemorating World Elder Abuse Awareness Day (WEAAD) which is held each year on 15 June to highlight one of the worst manifestations of ageism and inequality in our society, elder abuse. Elder abuse is any act which causes harm to an older person and is carried out by someone they know and trust such as a family member or friend.The day was officially recognised by the United Nations General Assembly in its resolution 66/127, December 2011, following a request by the International Network for the Prevention of Elder Abuse (INPEA), who first established the commemoration in June 2006. It represents the one day in the year when the whole world voices its opposition to the abuse and suffering inflicted to some of our older generations. Read More

Peace grassroots actors prove to be vital in overcoming intergenerational conflicts

According to security reports, Kinango sub-county and especially Kibandaongo village are hotspots when it comes to intergenerational conflicts and killings of elders under the pretext of witchcraft accusations. CPS partner Haki Yetu Organization has been involved in the mediation of similar conflicts in Kenya’s costal region for the last seven years.  This is why the local administration of Kinango sub-county contacted us in 2020 and asked for our assistance.

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