In Phase 1 of the project, 584 units were sold on an off-plan basis. Those who were fortunate to have spare cash or acquired a mortgage from a local bank were the beneficiaries. However, 90% of the former 520 tenants were not in a position to benefit and were forced to relocate to the already overcrowded people’s settlements.

They brought their concerns to Haki Yetu who in turn linked them to the Senate, County Government, EACC, Ministry of Housing and elsewhere. All they wanted was the right to own by way of Tenant Purchase Scheme, as first promised by Mr. Shabhal and former Governor Joho. We are now relived that their pleas have been heard by President Ruto and PS Housing Mr. Hinga who have intervened in the project that was supposed to be affordable but was beyond the reach of the majority.

However, to move the process forward, we demand that Mr. Shabhal and Governor Abdulswamad hold a public forum and explain the process of TPS in an open and transparent manner. This project has been mired in secrecy from Day 1. Private meetings with your own select committee are not acceptable, Mr. Shabhal. Buxton is a Mombasa matter and priority must be given to ALL the former tenants. We demand to know the conditions, the time schedule and the procedure for allocation. In the meantime, we welcome with reservations the announcement made on social media.

Finally, we demand that the Senate Committee on Roads and Housing release their report on the Buxton Scheme. Seven months have passed since the petition was submitted and investigated. The public are waiting their judgment and recommendations for too long.


Dated: 18/10/2023, Mombasa

Fr. Gabriel Dolan- Haki Yetu Organization

Munira Ali-Haki Yetu Organization

John Tsuma-Secretary General (BUXTON Welfare Association)

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