Hamasisha citizen action group successfully influencing participatory governance in Kwale county

Community participation is a principal that is enshrined in the Kenyan constitution. Yet many Kenyans do not even know about their right to participate or how they can actually make use of that right. Local public offices have a duty to ensure that decisions regarding the use of public funds are the result of transparent, effective and ethical processes which adhere to the law and stand up to scrutiny by the Kenyan public. Read More

Voter mobilization during the enhanced mass voter registration exercise

The Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) had launched the Enhanced Continuous Voter Registration exercise, a month-long activity that aimed at registering new voters, on Oct 4 with the goal of registering six million new voters by Nov 2nd. Until 31st August 2021, the commission had registered only 180,938 new voters. Therefore, it was deemed crucial to conduct enhanced mass voter registration in order to attain the target of registering a total of six million new voters.

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Peace grassroots actors prove to be vital in overcoming intergenerational conflicts

According to security reports, Kinango sub-county and especially Kibandaongo village are hotspots when it comes to intergenerational conflicts and killings of elders under the pretext of witchcraft accusations. CPS partner Haki Yetu Organization has been involved in the mediation of similar conflicts in Kenya’s costal region for the last seven years.  This is why the local administration of Kinango sub-county contacted us in 2020 and asked for our assistance.

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Witness protection booths accelerating access to justice in Kilifi.

Aisha Lewa (not her real name) 14 years old a girl from Goshi constituency, Kilifi county was defiled by an uncle living in her family’s home. The ordeal began when she was 12 years old just at the time when the uncle was taken in by her parents for college enrollment. Aisha did not know whom to confide to as the young man was loved and trusted and was part of the family. She lived with the pain for two years until she could not take it anymore and reported the case to her class teacher whom reported the same to the village chief and together filed the report to the Malindi police station.

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Improving service delivery through community scorecard – Mshongoleni Dispensary

The community around Mshongoleni Dispensary, Ganda Ward, in Malindi Sub-County, Kilifi County have contributed to the improvement of service delivery at the health facility through a well-executed community scorecard. The community conducted the scorecard on the health facility after a capacity-building session by Haki Yetu Organization and worked closely with the County Department of Health, Kilifi County to improve service delivery at the facility.

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