A call to reject leaders of questionable integrity

Haki Yetu, Inform-Action and the Angaza Movement in general joins the rest of the country in mourning the death of the third president of the Republic, HE Mwai Kibaki. While his failures are well documented, the late president has in many ways performed better than his predecessors and successor. May his soul rest in eternal peace.

We have just witnessed the conclusion of party nominations across the country. Party nominations is a critical process meant to produce candidates for an election. It’s a process that ought to be inclusive and democratic. What we have witnessed in the past month however, has been anything but inclusive and democratic. Parties opted for boardroom negotiations and issuance of direct nominations for most elective seats, denying the public a say in the process. Where actual elections were conducted, they were marred with delays, confusion, missing candidates’ names, and outright rigging. For a process whose timelines are well documented, none of the parties seemed prepared for it.

We wish to express our disappointment at the political parties for their complete disregard of critical provisions of the constitution on leadership and integrity, in their party primaries. We have witnessed aspirants of questionable integrity cleared to run for office, in complete disregard of the provisions of the leadership and integrity chapter. Here at the Coast, we have candidates with active criminal cases, and others under investigation for looting public resources cleared to vie for gubernatorial positions.

We call upon Constitutional Commissions and Independent Offices and particularly the IEBC to decline their nominations and live upto their mandate of promoting constitutionalism. We call upon the ODPP to revisit their decision to go slow on politicians who are in breach of the law. You cannot suspend application of the law for a few individuals.

We call upon the public, particularly the electorate to do what is right in this election, #KataaWafisadi. Just like you wouldn’t hire a suspected thief or murderer to manage your house or business, we call upon Kenyans to reject these suspected criminals from running the affairs of the country. The constitution of Kenya bestows upon all of us sovereign powers. This is the time to exercise such powers: by participating in the electoral process, and instilling integrity in the leadership of the country. #KataaWafisadi.


Dated: 28.04.2022, Mombasa.

Haki Yetu


Angaza Movement

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