It is worth noting that since the eviction of the former Buxton tenants on 5th March 2021, Mr. Shahbal has never had a sitting with the people of Buxton. It will be recalled that one of the promises given by Buxton Point is the priority of the Buxton tenants to their former estate under favourable terms. However, the return back formulae is not favourable to the Buxton tenants as we are all cognizant of the fact that the Wanjiku cannot access a mortgage of Kshs. 49,000/= per month for a period of 25 years.n all honesty, Shahbal’s averments and we quote him: Buxton is a benchmark we should set for Kenya.” If at all whatever he did with Buxton community is what he wants the rest of the country to benchmark on, then it is obvious that the affordable housing program is not intended for the ordinary Wanjiku.

The inhumanity to the people of Buxton and the fraud involved between the county government of Mombasa and the private developer should not be replicated in any corner of the country in terms of affordable housing projects.

We are therefore calling on all residents of Mombasa and Kenyans at large to be aware that the Buxton modern houses are built on lies, deception, fraud, illegalities and misuse of public resources by the County Government of Mombasa in partnership with the developer.

We are also demanding that the handing over of the houses should not proceed until the former Buxton tenants are given first priority on rent to own and not mortgage to own basis.


Dated: 30/8/2023, Mombasa

Fr. Gabriel Dolan- (Haki Yetu Organization)

Munira Ali (Haki Yetu Organization)

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